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Dr.Marianne Koritzinsky PhD

Faculty of Medicine, Department of Radiation Oncology, Institute of Medical Sciences

T: +1 (416) 581-7841

Academic & Clinical Interests

  • Molecular and cellular responses to hypoxia
  • Regulation of hypoxia-induced differential gene expression
  • Mechanisms of mRNA translation
  • Identification of molecular markers of tumour hypoxia
  • Identification of molecular targets for cancer therapy

Current Research Projects

Tumor hypoxia (poor oxygenation) limits efficacy of radio- and chemotherapy and promotes a more malignant phenotype. Our aim is to better understand how hypoxia regulates differential gene expression and how this contributes to the adverse effects of tumor hypoxia. Furthermore, we aim to identify molecular targets for cancer therapy with potential to disrupt hypoxic signaling and hypoxia tolerance. Our focus is on regulation of mRNA translation because the tumor microenvironment is highly dynamic and regulation of mRNA translation is a rapid way in which cells can respond to fluctuations in oxygenation.

Graduate Students

  • Marmendia Meester, PhD Student, IMS Department, University of Toronto 2015
  • Chantal van Heugten, undergraduate from Hogeschool Zuyd, the Netherlands 2015
  • Erik Mollen, MSc student from Maastricht University, the Netherlands 2015


  • Sanjana Chowdhury, MSc
  • Amy Wong, MSc
  • Ryan Rumantir, MSc
  • Vanessa Zannella, MSc